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Review of Tripod Collars for Sigma 1.8/14mm

Before coming to the tripod collar topic let me give you a short introduction of why I’ve chosen the Sigma 14mm F1,8 DG HSM Art lens for my Sony A7RII cameras.

I’m really happy with my normal wide-angle lenses: Zeiss Batis 18mm, Loxia 21mm, and Loxia 25mm. All 3 have good to excellent corner sharpness, great colors, and only a little bit of field curvature.

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Namibia 2017 – Part 3 (Video)

This is the final part of my Namibia 2017 travel report.

Processing more than 5 hours of footage takes a lot of time, especially if you have no experience with video. A lot of things are very different compared to processing still images. In addition, you also have to find suitable music tracks and deal with the license topic for your music.

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Namibia 2017 – Part 1 (Safari in the Etosha NP)

In August 2017 we spent three weeks in Namibia. After the short trip in 2015, this was our second visit to this beautiful country.

I’m mainly interested in spectacular landscapes, while my daughter Linnéa is more interested in wildlife. The compromise for our travel planning was, therefore, a one-week safari in the Etosha National Park followed by two weeks of exploring the west and south of Namibia.

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