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Boris Buschardt

Born 1969 in Berlin, I started with travel photography at the age of 17 with a two months trip through the USA. My first camera was a Nikon F3 with just a 50 mm lens.

Although I always had a great interest in traveling, nature, and photography I was also intrigued by technical things and especially cars. Therefore I decided to study automotive engineering. After finishing my Ph.D. at the university I started to work in the R&D department of a car manufacturer, which still is my main job.

But travelling and photography has always remained an important part of my life. As a student, I spent three months in the rainforests of Costa Rica taking macro images of insects, frogs, and reptiles. Later I did some experiments with high-speed photography, building my own trigger equipment.

Since 1999 I’ve specialized in landscape and travel photography in and around the wild places of this planet, where I always try to shoot at the most dramatic light and weather conditions.

Recently I started with filmmaking in addition to photography.

„Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself.“

Annie Leibovitz

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  1. Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area. I discovered your website when researching the Rokinon SP 10mm f3.5 lens. Based on your great review, I decided to stay with my Rokinon SP 14mm f2.4 and Rokinon 24mm f1.4 lenses and not purchase the 10mm. These are used primarily for dark sky photography. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. Stumbled onto your site from Nikon 1 Forum, at DPReview. Wow! Impressive shots, all of them!

    Been to a few of the places you’ve been to evidently, but far from all!

    Those shots from Thailand, the shots from late in the evening, those were taken with a tripod as well?!

    Haven’t discovered Germany yet, and the Faeroes and New Zealand are on my list to do, money allowing!

    I love the Pacific NorthWest, and New England, and spend as much time as we can afford in the UK!

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Tord!
      All the street shooting of people in Thailand was done with the camera handheld but for nearly all other images I used a tripod.


  3. Hi Boris: Wonderful photos, we need more people like you in the world to bring awareness to the importance of natural places.
    Martin Beye
    Ruth, Trinity County California

  4. I can understand your passion for light and drama in the landscape. It still amazes me that light can create so many different moods.
    Your photos are amazing.
    All the best,

  5. Beautiful photos. It was nice to read your story. My daughter is an 18 year old aspiring photographer. Your pictures from Tasmania look so similar to the vegetation here in Costa Rica. Will be waiting to see more of your work.
    Bis Bald!

  6. Hello Boris, great blog! Can u tell me which ND filter you used on the rx100, for the shots in Croatia? Really love those photos!
    Greets Kaj

    1. Thanks Kaj! I used the same 46mm B+W ND 1.8 and ND 3.0 filters, which I used for the Leica images. Since I didn’t glue a filter thread to the RX100 lens I used them by just hand holding them in front of the RX100, which worked pretty good.


  7. Boris, thank you for sharing these breathtaking photos and moreover, my favorite places. Hardly waiting for more…
    Best regards from Slovenia.

    1. Thanks Zoran! You live close to one of my favorite places in Europe. I really love the Soča area and plan to publish some images from the Soča in the future (after a few more visits).


      1. It’s nice hearing this. Do not forget to ask me for some hints about special secret places in that area!
        Hope to stay in touch,

  8. Just stumbled upon this blog. Some really inspiring photos. Looking forward to seeing your future trips and photo memories… 🙂

    1. Thanks! I had a quick look at your blog and really liked your description of your motivation for traveling.


  9. Amazing work! Very inspiring. I’d be interested to see any of your work captured on your Sony RX100. Have just purchased this camera for backpacking along the Camino in Spain.

    1. Some of the Croatia images were shot with the RX100. But I returned the camera due to a decentered lens. I now have and use the DP2M instead as a go-everywhere compact camera. But a RX100 with a perfectly centered lens is a great camera with lovely colors.


  10. Found your site by chance when browsing for reviews on Sigma DP2m. Very impressed with your work, makes we want to give up. Will be following you.’
    Greetings from a retired Electrical Engineer living on the West Coast of Scotland.

    1. Thanks John!
      Living in Scotland and being retired are ideal preconditions for great landscape photography.
      I always struggel to find a balance between my day job, family life and photography. And I find my direct environment rather uninspiring escpecially compared to places like the West Coast of Scotland.


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