Exploring the remote highlands of Iceland with an electric car in summer 2021:

Exploring the wild places of Finland and Norway with an electric car in summer 2020:

Melbourne, Hobart, and Sydney in August 2019:

Wildlife of Tasmania, filmed in August 2019 at the Cradle Mountains National Park and the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo:

This film was produced by my daughter Linnéa for the regional youth film competition FilmIN34 in March 2020:

FierS à Cheval – performance of the French group Compagnie des Quidam on the Tollwood festival in Munich, July 2019:

A 20 minutes video about a road trip to the highlights of Namibia in 2017:

Some impressions from the Menningarnótt 2016, the Reykjavik Culture Night:

Timelapse of Cape Dyrholey and Vestrahorn/Stokksnes, filmed in summer 2016:

Timelpase of Gasadalur, Faroe Islands (2016):

Timelapse of Reine, Lofoten Islands (2016):

2 thoughts

  1. Travelling Myrdalssandur with an electric car – nice adventure, congratulations. An aerial picture of Maelifell embedded in the black sand motivated me to travel there in the 90’s. Would have impressed me to see your car passing the ford at Hvanngil at the western F210 ……

    1. Thanks Andreas! Deep fords are sadly not possible with the e-tron. The car would probably manage more than the allowed 30-50 cm, but I didn’t want to risk the warranty.

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