I’ve published three large-sized coffee-table books with my landscape images.

Wild Places

This book is about my top 10 wild places in the world. All these places have in common, that they offer remote areas with abundant and unique nature. This can either be endemic plants not found elsewhere on this planet, great wildlife diversity, remarkable geological formations, or spectacular underwater life. The images in this book were shot on 33 trips over a period of 13 years. Altogether I spent more than 80 weeks abroad in these countries. My whole profit (20€ for every purchased book) will be donated to the WWF to help to protect the wild places of our planet for future generations. It is available at Blurb.


I’ve visited Iceland six times from 2008 to 2016 to capture the great diversity and beauty of this island with my images. This book contains 165 large high-quality images of all the wild places of Iceland including the most spectacular waterfalls, glaciers, canyons, black beaches, ice caves and lava fields in the remote highlands as well as the underwater world of the Silfra fissure and the lively cultural scene and architecture of Reykjavik. It is available at Blurb.

Temperate Rainforests

Temperate rainforests are magic places. They are at the same time peaceful and quiet as well as lively and energetic. Plants, that haven’t changed much since the age of the dinosaurs, with their countless shades of green combined with water everywhere make these places so unique. I’ve visited in a long-term project from 2010 to 2015 all significant areas of temperate rainforests in the world and documented the diversity and uniqueness of these places. This book contains 60 large high-quality images of temperate rainforests in New Zealand, Patagonia, Tasmania, and the Pacific NW and is also available at Blurb.

Both books are rather expensive, but I’ve deliberately chosen to print them only in the largest available format and on the best available paper. This combined with the small print run of a POD book sadly leads to the rather high price. But I can assure you, the quality of the books is really very good. I’ve set my revenue for these two books to 0€. Therefore if you buy these books at Blurb you only pay for the printing costs. If you click on the above links to Blurb you get a free preview of all pages.

In addition, has published a book about 50 photographers featuring some of my images. The title of the book is Was Fotografen bewegt – 50 Fotografen, ihre Bilder, ihre Geschichte. It is available at dpunkt.verlag.

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