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  1. Tremendous Boris, Thank you Boris for your valued reply. Truly grateful. Love the superb details of the D810 also crazy the “Hassey” the 3D pop of Sony. The A7RII/A9 50MB Sony upgrade will be interesting. The Makro Planar 50 mm f2 & 35 also fantastic results. Pro/con’s can make one poco loco in pressing decision. Thank for the interest regards my Art: Yes, the request for “the” website by interested is pressing, but I am patient yet i have decided that only after I have fulfilled a body of Artworx for a solo exhibit, shall the website brought to light. Email as carriage (happy to forward you a sample if you may). Caryn

  2. Hello Boris, breathtaking photography and thank you so much for sharing your gear (a rare thing these days and takes smarts to get the superb results). I hope you dont mind me asking a question en route to finding the right photgraphic ‘tool’s for my immediate projects. I have done extensive google searching in my endevour to find the near ‘perfect’ optimum yet minimum gear. I am a fine artist (charcoal as medium). I focus on Succulent plants and Forest biomes concepts and most times impossible to ‘bring back the closest 3D footage back to my studio to render into artworks as most photography flattens the scene (albeit the closest can be mimicked with stacking). The Zeiss lenses closest hit the spot “popcorn 3D” for details and dimesion as required. Came upon your photos here that are tremendous in DOF! i see you using the D800E as bodies with zeiss lense range. I only need one lens for now that would be versatile and wondered if these are with the Zeiss Otus 1.4/55mm ZF.2? I was pondeing on the sony A7 cameras in which i have seen great results too. My only ever camera has been a D100 nikon upgraded to the D700 but wasnt happy. As artist i dream of the 645 /hassy so i have high expectations but not wanting to sell a kidney. 😉 In your great experience as photographer and better able to advize. Detail, DR, 3D contrast are the keys. My main focus are plants and forest tree/debris. Love to hear from you. kind regards Caryn (South Africa)

    1. Hi Caryn, thanks for your kind words. Regarding your gear question: the Otus 1.4/55mm is a nearly perfect lens with extremely high resolution and micro-contrast yet still has a very smooth bokeh and lovely rendering, a rare combination. The only real disadvantages of the Otus are size, weight and price. If size doesn’t matter I would recommend the Nikon D810 with the Zeiss Otus 55 as the optimum gear for your projects.
      If you want/need something smaller the Sony A7R (or it’s probably soon announced successor) together with the Sony/Zeiss 1.8/55mm Sonar or the Sigma DP2M could be very good alternatives. The Sigma has great detail and very good 3D contrast but limited DR (compared to the Nikon and Sony).
      Do you have a website with your fine art work? It sounds interesting and I would love to see some of your work.


  3. Some great photos here. I am envious. I can never get my pictures so crisp and clean. Simply impressive.

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