Lofoten in Wintertime

In February I spent one week on the Lofoten together with my friend Philippe. The Lofoten islands are located in northern Norway and are in my opinion one of the most attractive places for landscape photography in Europe.

This was my second trip to the Lofoten in wintertime (not counting my failed trip in 2011 where I broke my leg just before entering the ferry to the Lofoten).

In addition to classical landscape photography, we had planned to shoot some aurora borealis. But since we were shooting all day starting 1-2 hours before sunrise and finishing 1-2 hours after sunset we just didn’t have the energy for additional night shots.

There were many other photographers at the same time on the Lofoten, mostly for aurora shooting. But they were often driving around the whole night and sleeping during the day. You probably have to decide whether to shot aurora or classical landscapes, both on the same trip is difficult.

I’ve updated my Lofoten gallery and added the new images.

In addition, you will find some larger images of our trip in this Fred Miranda thread and an interesting and funny travel report, written by Philippe, on Pascal’s Dear Susan blog.


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