Photocircle – Interview and Special Offer

Photocircle is an online platform for fine art photography. The distinctive feature of Photocircle is that with each purchase you support a social project in the region where the picture was taken. I like the concept and offer some of my images as prints on this online platform.

Today they have published an interview with me on their blog (at the moment only available in german).

If you buy one of my images at Photocircle 50% of my revenue will be used for a good cause, but there is one exception. At the moment my favored image is a half-half shot of the Silfra canyon in Iceland:

If you buy this image 100% of my revenue will be used for a good cause.

You can order it here.

Update: I decided that 100% of my revenue for all my images at Photocircle will be used for a good cause.

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