Namibia 2017 – Part 3 (Video)

This is the final part of my Namibia 2017 travel report.

Processing more than 5 hours of footage takes a lot of time, especially if you have no experience with video. A lot of things are very different compared to processing still images. In addition, you also have to find suitable music tracks and deal with the license topic for your music.

The footage was shot with 4 different cameras mostly by my daughter Linnéa:
Sony AX33 (main camera, especially for wildlife)
Sony X3000 (action cam, mostly used mounted on the car for the driving scenes)
Sony A7RII (used for most animated still images, one landscape clip, and the timelapse sequences)
Apple iPhone 7Plus (used for panoramas and some spontaneous unplanned filming)

The post-processing was done with Final Cut Pro X and LRTimelapse/Lightroom. Although FCP is probably one of the easier video tools it was still a steep learning curve for me.

Everything was filmed in 4K but several clips were cropped in post-processing. Therefore I will publish only the Full HD version:

Since this is my first video (besides some very short timelapse sequences) I’m really interested in any kind of feedback.

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