Feedback about my new Wild Places book

Today I got some great feedback about my new book from the famous expedition photographer and filmmaker Ulla Lohmann:

Dear Boris, your Book is truly a masterpiece of art. It is very inspirational to see those amazing places, or better said: to feel those magical locations through your images and your emotions.  Sometimes, it is a mind blowing feature which is rarely seen like this, for example the bioluminescence in Tasmania. But other times, it’s ‘just’ tree trunks which become art through your lens.  I enjoy every image of the book, and also the layout which takes me on a journey and makes me explore the world with you. Also below the water, which adds another wonderful layer- and the images are stunning!!! The stingray is one of my favorites. But it’s so hard to pick single images, because they are all great!!! The book is a wonderful high quality print, and the colors come to life and give each photograph a great depth.  So very grateful and thankful that I could be a bit of an inspiration… thank you! I am very proud to let you know that your book found its place right next to my favorite book from Jimmy Nelson “Before they pass away”. I see your piece of art also like a testimonial to how beautiful the world is today and how much we have to work all together to keep it this way. Thank you for this! And thank you also for donating 20€ of each book to WWF! I wish that your book and your wonderful vision of the world will make more people happy like me and motivate them to change our world for the better. Danke. 

I feel very honored and grateful. She has countless National Geographic and BBC publications. Her work is awesome and she is truly an inspiration and role model for me. You should definitely check out her website and her IG @ullalohmann.

You can find more information about my book here.

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