Patagonia and Altiplano Expedition | #6 – Termas Geométricas

Our next destination was the Termas Geométricas near Coñaripe. It’s not far from Pucón. But we decided to rent a new cabin in Coñaripe for a few days to be closer to the Termas.

Coñaripe is located at the Lago Calafquén and has a nice beach where you can watch the sunset.

From Coñaripe you can also view the Villarica volcano again. This time from a slightly different angle and smoking.

The next day we drove the short distance to the Termas Geométricas. It’s not a cheap experience with a 40€ entrance fee. But it’s definitely worth every cent. I think it’s the most beautiful hot spring in the world (and I have visited a lot of hot springs all over the world). The lovely architecture of the red wooden walkways and buildings (designed by the Chilean architect Germán del Sol) fits perfectly in the beautiful landscape. Everything is surrounded by spectacular temperate rain forests and small streams and waterfalls. There are about 20 different pools with temperatures between 39°C and 43°C (and two cold ones with 5°C). Since it was off-season there were nearly no other guests. We spend the whole day at the Termas and really enjoyed it.

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