My top 3 favourite landscape photographers

I always try to realize my own unique style in landscape photography. Nevertheless, my work is of course inspired by many great landscape photographers. My top 3 are:

3rd place – Galen Rowell

Galen Rowell was born in California, USA. He was one of the first landscape photographers who successfully used super wide-angle lenses with very close foreground for dynamic landscape images. He used mainly 35mm film cameras, often combined with different kinds of graduated neutral density filters to manage the limited dynamic range of slide films. He loved to explore the wild places in this world and was not put off by the most demanding challenges to reach any of these places. Sadly he died in a plane crash in August 2002.

His website is:

2nd place – Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish is living in Great Britain and his main subjects are the Scottish landscapes and the British coastlines. He uses very clean compositions and perfect timing for the best light. Although his images were probably not shot in the most spectacular places of this world they are perfectly executed and extremely beautiful. Until 2008 he used large format film cameras, now he is using medium format digital backs, like Phase One. He very often uses graduated neutral density filters for his images.

His website is:

1st place – Verena and Georg Popp-Hackner

Not as famous as the other two, but I really love their work. They live in Vienna, Austria, and use only large format film cameras. They seem to love the same wild places as I do and their images often have just perfect compositions and colors. Their main strategy is to spend a lot of time in one place, exploring the area and then shooting the best composition at the best light, which really pays off in my opinion.

Their website is:

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