Prague and Dresden on Easter Weekend

Over Easter weekend, we went to Prague and Dresden. I’ve been to Prague in the past but my last visit was about 25 years ago.

It’s still a lovely city but it has changed a lot since then. You can find now the same cafés or international fashion boutiques as in other large cities in this world.

We had, for example, tasty macaron at a Paul pâtisserie, coffee at Starbucks, sushi for lunch, and went shopping at a Desigual store.

On the one hand, this is very comfortable. Wherever you are, you get the best things of every country in every big city. But on the other hand places like Prague lose a lot of their uniqueness. 25 years ago Prague was a city with a medieval atmosphere, nearly no international stores, and lovely handicrafts sold on the streets. That’s gone now.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s still worth a visit with all its lovely historic buildings. And The Charles Bridge at sunset is still one of the great views in Europe.


Charles Bridge, Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague

After two days in Prague, we continued to Dresden, which is not far from Prague and one of my favored cities in Germany.

We stayed there at the hotel Taschenbergpalais, the former palace of the countess von Cosel. This is arguable the best luxury hotel in Europe. Perfect location and perfect service. Although the regular prices are very high, you can often get very interesting special offers on for this hotel. We paid about 135€ per night for a room for three people and even got an upgrade when we arrived.

Since this was not our first visit to Dresden we just strolled through the streets, enjoyed some tapas in a Spanish restaurant, and visited the Frauenkirche and some of the great museums.

Frauenkirche, Dresden





Semperopera, Dresden

Zwinger, Dresden

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